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Hot Stix Golf is a brand agnostic golf club fitting company that specializes in tour quality fittings, equipment and builds. 

From day one, Hot Stix sought to utilize technological enhancements to create competitive advantage in all facets of its business.  A passionate focus to independent R&D and club testing has positioned Hot Stix in a league of its own.  Deploying proprietary fitting software and mastering the art of custom club building has also set Hot Stix apart.  In everything we do, exceeding each customer’s expectations is Hot Stix's  loftiest goal.

Hot Stix serves serious golfers from company owned locations throughout the country.  Each location utilizes all of Hot Stix proprietary technology, has all the latest in available equipment and is managed by a Hot Stix certified fitter.  All operational activities are centralized and are coordinated in the Arizona based headquarters.

Hot Stix is committed to expand into new markets as meaningful opportunities are evaluated.  The Company also seeks to establish highly effective partnerships with leading organizations serving the golf industry.

Why does Golf Magazine partner with Hot Stix Golf to manage their annual Club Test? The answer is simple: we're the experts. No Club Fitting company goes to such extraordinary lengths to help you find the best combination of head, shaft and grip to match your swing perfectly. 

Club fitting is important, especially if the golfer is serious improving his or her game..... - Hale Irwin

I've used Hot Stix Golf and I endorse it. - Julie Inkster

Hot Stix Golf is the Mayo Clinic of the graphite-and-titanium set, the place where touring pros like Hale Irwin and Tom Lehman go for top-to-bottom examinations of their equipment - ​Travel and Leisure Golf